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        《战狼2》即将拍成军旅电视剧 !

        来源:爱语吧双语新闻  2017-08-30

        As movie "Wolf Warrior 2" continues a miraculous ride at the box office, a TV series of the same theme is said to be in the works. "Bullet Marks" is a military-themed novel series written by writer Dong Qun, who also served as one of the screenwriters for "Wolf Warrior 2."

        The film is said not to have heavily referenced the novel, which has sold its TV rights to production company Wit & Key.

        The TV series is reportedly in the casting stage and will begin filming next year. Dong has said that he plans to direct the series himself.

        Meanwhile, "Wolf Warriors 2" has continued to set box office records both here in China and abroad.

        Having grossed more than 5.4 billion yuan so far, or 817 million US dollars, the film has long broken the highest box office record for a Chinese film.

        Earlier this month, the movie also became the first non-Hollywood film to break into the top 100 grossing films worldwide, knocking out "Forrest Gump" from the 100th spot.


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