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        简介:幸运饼干(fortune cookie)、左宗棠鸡(General Tso chicken)、牛肉西兰花(beef with broccoli),还有炒杂碎(chop suey),这些美食,吃货们你们都听说过吗?虽然中国人民闻所未闻,但在太平洋的那一头,它们可是美国人公认的地道中国菜。这到底是神马情况?且听TED演讲中,美国《纽约时报》记者Jennifer 8. Lee为小伙伴们一一道来吧!

        There are more Chinese restaurants in this country than McDonald's, Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Wendy's, combined -- 40,000, actually. Chinese restaurants have played an important role in American history, as a matter of fact. The Cuban missile crisis was resolved in a Chinese restaurant called Yenching Palace in Washington, D.C., which unfortunately is closed now, and about to be turned into Walgreen's. And the house that John Wilkes Booth planned the assassination of Abraham Lincoln is actually also now a Chinese restaurant called Wok 'n Roll, on H Street in Washington. (Laughter) And it's not completely gratuitous, because wok and roll -- Chinese food and Japanese foods, so it kind of works out. And Americans love their Chinese food so much they've actually brought it into space. NASA, for example, serves thermal-stabilized sweet-and-sour pork on its shuttle menu for its astronauts.

        So, let me present the question to you: If our benchmark for Americanness is apple pie, you should ask yourself, how often do you eat apple pie, versus how often do you eat Chinese food. Right? (Laughter) And if you think about it, a lot of the foods that you think of or we think of or Americans think of as Chinese food are barely recognizable to Chinese, for example: beef with broccoli, egg rolls, General Tso's Chicken, fortune cookies, chop suey, the take-out boxes. For example, I took a whole bunch of fortune cookies back to China, gave them to Chinese to see how they would react. What is this? Should I try it? Try it! What is it called? Fortune cookie. There's a piece of paper inside! (Laughter) What is this? You've won a prize! What is this? It's a fortune! Tasty!


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